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Si usted esta a la búsqueda de un sitio Web particular o de un documento sobre Internet, o si usted busca simplemente algunos utiles sobre algunos sujetos particulares, usted puede utilisar los servicios de busqueda siguientes. Estos utiles de búqueda funcionan de diferente forma. Ciertos buscan al interior de los titulos los encabezados de los documentos, y otros buscan al interior mismo de los documentos. Ciertos buscan también en otros indices y en otros repertorios. Lea la descripción que acompaña los utiles de busqueda antes de utilisarlos.

La Toile  

La Toile du Québec is the most complete Web index devoted to Quebec sites.

OPEN TEXT INDEX The Open Text Index searches every word of every Web page the company has indexed - some 21 billion words and phrases in all. The company claims it's one of the largest indexes available. Pose queries of virtually any length, or focus in by searching only titles or links.

WEB CRAWLER The WebCrawler is operated by America Online, Inc. at their Web Studios in San Francisco, CA. They do it for fun! The WebCrawler will always remain a free service to the Internet. The content index of the database is about 270MB. It contains information on over 420,000 different documents that the WebCrawler has explored. The WebCrawler Query Server runs on ten Pentium-based CPUs running NEXTSTEP. Each machine has a single 1.5GB disk and 128MB of memory. When it is building an index, the WebCrawler runs on a similarly configured machine.

LYCOS This comprehensive catalog of the Internet finds what you need in seconds, including text, graphics, sounds, and videos. PC World magazine recently rated Lycos best of the top 11 Internet search engines in both quality of information and relevancy of results.

MAGELLAN Explore Magellan, McKinley's Internet Guide. Magellan provides reviews and ratings for a vast collection of Web, FTP, and Gopher sites, and Usenet newsgroups. Users can browse Magellan topics or search specific keywords or phrases. Magellan's green-light feature indicates content that is deemed appropriate for general viewing.

EXCITE Excite tracks down information by searching for concepts, not just keywords. Updated weekly, Excite's database contains what the company claims are more than 1.5 million Web pages, 50,000-plus Web page reviews written by journalists, the latest two weeks of Usenet news, and classifieds. Excite also includes City.Net, news from Reuters, and an interactive cartoon.

ALTA VISTA AltaVista gives you access to the largest Web index: 31 million pages found on 476,000 servers, and four million articles from 14,000 Usenet news groups. It is accessed over 23 million times per weekday.

YAHOO! Arguably the pioneer Internet guide, Yahoo has been accepting submissions since what seems like the beginning of it all. There's an editorial filter at work here - not every college student's home page makes it into the directory - but Yahoo's veteran status has allowed it to build a comprehensive cross-discipline resource base.

WHO WHERE? Fast, easy to use, and free, WhoWhere? is a comprehensive White Pages service for locating people and organizations on the Net. WhoWhere? intuitively handles misspelled or incomplete names, and it lets you search by initials.

SHAREWARE.COM makes it simple to find software on the Internet. More than 170,000 files are available for easy searching, browsing, and downloading from shareware and corporate archives on the Internet. According to Newsweek, " does for software what Yahoo did for finding Web sites."

THE ELECTRIC LIBRARY Rather than searching the Web, check out the Electric Library's contents. Launch comprehensive searches across this deep database of more than 1000 full text newspapers, magazines, and academic journals; plus images; reference books; literature; and art.

DEJANEWS Search what the company claims is the world's largest publicly searchable Usenet news archive with DejaNews. Versatile search options allow you to find articles by date, author, subject, and newsgroup. Usenet is a powerful Internet resource; DejaNews helps put it to work for you.

INFOSEEK GUIDE This searchable directory provides reviews of popular Internet resources - Web sites, Usenet newsgroups, and FTP and Gopher sites - cross-referenced across multiple topics. Once you've found a relevant site, the "Find Similar" function searches for more of the same. The guide performs precise searches for specific phrases and proper names, and searches are sensitive to case, numbers, and special characters (for example, AT&T or 49ers).

CROSSROAD This site brings you lists of interesting Web sites compiled by other notable organizations. -- Answers for IT Professionals

Search's database of 130,000 IT publication articles, vendor product information, and tech tips to find technical solutions to business problems. Check out the Visual Basic Pro, the ActiveX Pro, and the VB Enterprise Solutions Directory!

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